About Us

Company Mission:

To fix how advertising is priced and sold so incentives between advertisers and publishers are more aligned and consumers see better ads.

The Eureka Moment:

My name is Ari and I was selling online advertising for Snowball.com (later renamed IGN Entertainment). I never could understand at the time why clients were canceling the campaigns I worked so hard to sell just because their creative was not performing well. One night the idea for IPC pricing, a unique ad pricing model that aligns incentives, hit me like a bolt of lightening and literally shocked me awake.

Once I introduced IPC pricing to my clients it immediately changed the conversation. They were happier, I was happier, and the users visiting the site were happier too. It was fun and we made more money selling IPC deals than with any other pricing approach. At that point I knew I had a hit on something truly unique and powerful and wanted to share my success with others in the ad sales business. IPC pricing was born.

Our Software:

Our software is intuitive and automates the process of serving the bonus impressions earned by ads users like more. Please don't call it a platform or ask me where it fits in the stack. When I hear "platform" I think of trains and when I hear "stack" I think of pancakes. It is built on the latest web standards and leverages the DFP APIs to seamlessly integrate into the ad ops and selling process.

Our Team

Ari Rosenberg, Founder and CEO

Ari Rosenberg started his media career as a media buyer at Young & Rubicam in the early 1990s and then switched over to selling media with stints at Newsweek, Tennis magazine, and then IGN.com. In 2005 he started teaching others how to effectively sell online advertising working with thousands of sellers from traditional publishers from companies including Conde Nast, Time Inc, Hearst, Meredith, Gannett, American Media, Bonnier, Martha Stewart Living, Bauer Publishing, American Express Publishing, Hachette, Taunton Press, Yankee Publishing, Crainís Communications, Hallmark, The Atlantic Media Group, Scholastic, Readerís Digest, Active Interest Media, AARP, TV One, Smithsonian, DC Comics, Tennis Magazine, The Tennis Channel, U.S. News, among others including his favorite -- The Onion. Ari has been writing the "Online Publisher's Insider" for Mediapost since 2004.

Ted Shergalis, Business Advisor

Matthew Berzok, Advisor & Counsel

Rick Levine, Software Architect