Your ads are an integral part of a consumers media experience. If you produce a great ad, why should you pay the same rate as an advertiser who invested less capital to create a crappy one.

We don't think you should and neither do the publishers we work with. Our system rewards good creative by empowering consumers to increase the exposure of the ads they like more at no incremental cost to you. So now your ads with IPC pricing are constantly working to drive down your effective cost per anything.

There is a better way.

Our patented IPC pricing system uniquely lowers the effective rate you pay the more your ads connect to the consumers you target. The greater the connection the lower your effective rate so now your ROI improves exponentially and consumers increase the exposure of ads they like more -- everyone wins.

  • IPC pricing will improve your ROI
  • IPC pricing system seamlessly integrates with publisher ad delivery systems
  • IPC pricing ensures your best piece of creative is seen the most
  • IPC pricing costs nothing -- you just have to request it from the publishers your agency buys from