As a digital buyer, whatever your buying strategy may be for online display advertising, client demands for an ROI fall on your laps. This includes generating high impact engagement and efficiently priced interaction rates as well as cost effective conversions.

So here is the problem -- currently, the way online inventory is priced and sold, the better your plan performs, the more a publisher wants to charge you and increasing ad rates suffocate the performance gains you generated with your stellar planning and effective creative.

There is a better way.

Our patented IPC pricing system uniquely lowers the rate you pay as your campaign performs thereby improving the ROI, rewarding you and your client for the good work you do.

  • IPC pricing will improve ROI
  • IPC pricing will increase budget commitments from your advertisers
  • IPC pricing system seamlessly integrates with publisher ad delivery systems
  • IPC pricing costs nothing -- you just have to require it from the publishers you buy from